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Military Concept by Artist Nivanh Chanthara

There are weird kinds of weapon, crazy concept cars, robots, exoskeletons, and intelligent equipment with all possible tools to maximize the protection of people and to help them survive even in the most difficult conditions of a combat. This is how the artist imagines an external view of the soldiers of the near future. Who knows, maybe that's how they will look after 10-20 years. It is not a secret that for the development of many projects the creators are inspired by the works of concept artists, science fiction artists, and literary works of talented writers.

It may seem surprising, but Nivanh Chanthara is a self-taught artist. For a long time his drawing and images were just ordinary hobby for him, but over the time his creativity grew into professionalism and innocent enthusiasm. Nivanh Chanthara worked as a conceptual illustrator for animated cartoon Iron Man: Armored Adventures. This work brought him fame and subsequent contracts with well-known companies. He created illustrations for Method Films, Gameloft, Les Complices, as well as the well-known game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension and The Amazing Spider-Man. He also worked on the development of video games by Eidos Montreal studio.