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Jack Long Has Shown Colored Water Flowers Bursts

These flowers are created by splashing colored water. You can enjoy this art in HD or Full HD format. High resolution and exceptional clarity of photos taken by a professional camera convey the beauty most realistic.

Such compositions are noteworthy because of the original way of creating. Acrylic liquid is spilled onto the surface. It is necessary to accurately calculate the amount and height, which after pouring will cause the desired effect. Also he has to capture the moment when the surge looks like a flower. To achieve the desired result Jack makes thousands of unique images. And only a few of them satisfy the author.

This art involves the minimal use of the software; color liquid object is created without Photoshop editing. All that is shown in the picture is real. It is hard to believe but this is just the water. Sometimes the original art requires little or no effort from the creator. In this case, the artist actually works alot, but the result of his work is delightful.