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Irony & Boe – Graffiti Animal Painters from London

Without a doubt, such graffiti can only beautify the appearance of the city and the houses in particular.

Every passer-by just stops and stares at these magnificent works, which suddenly appear in the most unexpected places around the English city. Foxes, squirrels, dogs, birds are drawn not just beautiful and very professional, but also with the large dimensions. Some of the graffiti pictures cover the walls of houses almost completely. Beautiful paintings are the pride of every building-owner of the beautiful and positive street art.

Irony & Boe are graffiti/street artists from London, forming a duo of two artists - Whoam Irony and Placee Boe. These artists, in contrast to many other graffiti artists, due to their professionalism and style, have earned the approval of the authorities for a long time and now create their large-scale works not under the cover of night, but openly and with complete permission.