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Funny Little Man Elyx by Photographer Yacine Ait Kaci

With the help of an extraordinary approach in the author's series the man walks through Paris, gets up to mischief, adapts to different situations, in general, lives the fullest life.

The author creates all his drawings with the help of ordinary felt-tip pen in a conventional notebook. It seems that it is very simple and even primitive, but try to do something like this and you will realize that it is not. The ideas for a plot appear unexpectedly. Once the author thinks of what Elyx could do in a certain situation, he immediately comes up with a funny images and with simple techniques he draws the picture, puts it over the actual environment background and takes a photo. Elyx is ​​always very funny and loves to have fun. The creation of memes has recently become widespread, but there are little of those that are really as interesting as little man Elyx.